Pricing is based on number of providers, systems (or instances) and tier (standard vs premium).  We offer a 30 day free trial with no obligation to continue if the programme does not suit your needs.


A single instance of CMS for use with multiple ACC contracts, Private Pay and Insurance

$18/month per Provider

Minimum charge of $90/month
(5 Providers)



A single instance of CMS for use with one or more ACC contracts, Private Pay and Insurance

$15/month per Provider

minimum charge of $75/month
(5 Providers)


Full Service CMS

Let us take care of your Invoicing and Payment Posting

Service includes:

  • Entering Purchase Orders (PO) into the CMS
  • Submitting invoices to ACC
  • Posting payments to the CMS
  • Following up with ACC about any unpaid claims
  • Following up with providers about errors and problems

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Premium vs Standard

  Premium Standard

Manage ACC Contracts
Can be tailored to include service codes from ACC contracts

Private Pay and Insurance Invoicing
Can be tailored for use with other payment sources. eg: Insurance Companies, Courts, Private Pay Clients, 3rd Party Payment Sources

Manage Claims and Purchase Orders
Track claims and purchase orders so providers can bill services

Capacity for Provider Billing
Providers can bill for available services from POs

Assign and Manage Provider Tasks
Create and assign tasks for providers

Manage Provider Availability
Track provider availability to get visibility into client capacity

Client Document Storage
Store important documents relevant to the treatment of a client

Generate Client Notes
Capture administrative and session notes

Manage Client Wait List
Add potential clients to a wait list where providers can self assign when capacity opens up

Invoice ACC Electronically
Generate invoices from work logged by providers. Submit invoices to ACC electronically

Reconcile ACC Payments Electronically
Download payment remittance, view, and sync payment data

Generate BCIs
Create BCIs for your providers after payments have been received

Business Branding
Display your company logo in the header and login form


Appointment Scheduler
Providers can schedule sessions, assign a billing code, and quickly bill for service once complete


SMS & Email Reminders
Send SMS (text) and Email reminders to clients to reduce missed appointments


Xero Integration
Sync data between CMS and Xero